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'Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the bush kangaroo,
Skippy, Flippy, he is a fish who is true!.

Flippy, Skippy, Kippy, hang on a minute, Phillips, pull yourself together, Fishy the emu that's new, who wants a kipper for breakfast? Are you drunk? Get on with it, you idiot!

Skippy, Flippy, my mate Geoff who's a kangaroo.
Also, funnily enough, he has a loverly bunch of cocoanuts x

(Geoff isn't really a kangaroo. He's actually a stockbroker, instead. Easy mistake to make. He just has a couple of funny ideas about bananas, and what gentleman can blame him, in this baffling modern world?)

Anyway... Skippy, Skippy, or possibly Flippy,
You are almost certainly a kangaroo.
And not a fish, regardless of the generalities of the foregoing.

So, Skippy, Skippy, bouncy and lovely you x'


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