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Nine Eleven
The tenth anniversary of the ninth of the eleventh, and possibly vice versa, baffles we British.

We are of course on your right shoulder, against any bunch of lunatics, who think that killing a few ordinary people will somehow alter the considered resolve of a free nation. Indeed, after our own British domestic atrocity on 7/7, I at once texted my top American friend, Forest Birdsnest "We are honoured that Evil considers us as worthy an opponent and target as yourselves!"

But may I ask you to get the dates right? I mean,It's 11th 9th in British diaries.

The surrender of Germany at the end of WW1 was carefully arranged for 11th November partly because some American troops had arrived, to join in the fun, and we didn't want them getting confused. They might have kept giving the Hun the bayonet until December 11th, if we'd arranged the Armistice for the next day; to embarrassment all round.

Our native madmen obliged us on 7th July.

I say this: we might be two nations divided by a common language. But may we soon be united in our calenders?

May I repeat my old joke of 7/11 Stores opening two hours later, as a mark of respect? x

(PS I know that the above will sound insensitive, if something ghastly actually happens tommorow, but I'd rather express my patrician and ironic contempt for any perpetrators now, in advance x


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