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Affordable Childcare
Or, Why The Middle Class Are Hypocrites

I am often forced to talk to respectable people. Which is to say, middle-class women of either gender, some of them with children.

Don't get me wrong: I am all in favour of making huge personal sacrifices for one's own, and indeed relatives children. That's why I live in a rented flat.

However, I oppose this modern idea that the State should provide or subsidise 'affordable childcare'. Basically, it means that the childless (young or old) must be taxed to pay for other peoples nannies. So that mothers and fathers go out to jobs of work, instead of bringing up their own children. This would matter less, if Britain's poorest singles were not already taxed in their income and spending, but actually they are, as soon as they earn much above the National Minimum Wage. So, we have created a system that forces poor aspiring mothers to take jobs as nannies to strangers.

What is really going on, here? I say that it is middle class couples wanting cheap servants, as they had in 19th C. But now they have a socialist conscience, so they dress it up as 'affordable childcare for all'. And a State incentivising economic labour, at the expense of unquantifiable love.

I also notice that such folk, so in favour of such absent parenting, politically object to boarding schools, which do much the same job, but better.

Of course, no service can be free for an entire population. Those who don't use it must pay for those who do. Like the healthy pay for hospitals for the sick.

Today's middle class hypocrites say that everyone should have free everything, when they really want something for nothing themselves, at the expense of the rest. And then they abuse men like me as a heartless Tory, when I point out the maths.


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