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A Recession
I am eg plain man. I also have an degree in economics, lectured at London University, edited an investment magazine, and generally gave it some large on the making my family and friends rich front, so I assure you that I know of what I speak.

Which is this: a bunch of rich idiots have ruined my country.

Call it 'banks third party collateralised debt obligations,' 'Unsecured loans to wastrel American home-buyers', 'G Brown selling my nation's gold reserves at the lowest price achievable,' or what you wish.

The plain truth is that Europe and the rest of the world is now bust. No country is now producing enough goods and services (apart from humour) to boost trade, which normally gives you your gents ordinary 2% annual economic growth.

So, what to do? I say, work harder, and cut all needless and self-indulgent expenditures. Less of your G20 summit meetings, at Belgium and France's finest restaurants, and more abolishing of finance ministries. Send Beyonce and Tony Blair down the mines, sez I!

Meanwhile, your Greek or Italian now intends to stop work ie strike, in protest at the suggestion that they should continue to work in return for fair wages, honestly pay their taxes and retire a bit later at age 70 when they are truly ill.

I modestly suggest that a combination of heavy drinking and hard work will get us all soon onto a path to the gorgeous sunlit uplands. So, cutting the tax on beer, and ditto on all income below £25,000 pa is the clear way forward x

I am a British officer, so have never been in favour of hard work. Sitting on a comfy chair, interrupted by occasional keeping Johnny Russ off the Rhine, or showing your Argentine lunatic the error of his ways, has always been more a pleasure than a duty x

However, I am a man of an opinion as strong as my drink, so I say that the reason that E vil C hina and its serf economy grows faster than ours is because they work on Saturdays, while we Europeans go to lunch and read our newspapers about what we and our paid politicians think about the state of the economy x


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